Common Sense SEO Tips

Five Things to Know About Google “Common Sense SEO Tips”   In a recent interview for USA Today’s “Talking Tech” web video show, Google engineer Matt Cutts gave web developers five critical factors to take into account when shooting for Google SEO. Keeping these common sense SEO tips in mind can help you quickly move [...] Read more »

SEO & Video Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Top Five Reasons You Should Use Video Marketing Video marketing isn’t exactly a new concept, but it’s one that a lot of businesses have trouble getting sold on. Perhaps the explosion of amateur videos on YouTube has fostered the feeling that video content won’t be taken seriously, but the reality is that videos can make [...] Read more »

Website Conversions and Stuff

 Website Conversions and Stuff Lets talk about conversions for a minute…this topic seems to come up from time to time so thought tonight I would throw a few thoughts out there for you to chew on. First and foremost….if your site does not turn visitors into “paying” customers it does not make a bit of [...] Read more »