SEO & Video Marketing Go Hand in Hand

SEO & Video Marketing Go Hand in Hand

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Top Five Reasons You Should Use Video Marketing

Video marketing isn’t exactly a new concept, but it’s one that a lot of businesses have trouble getting sold on. Perhaps the explosion of amateur videos on YouTube has fostered the feeling that video content won’t be taken seriously, but the reality is that videos can make all the difference in your marketing campaign. Here are the top five reasons you should make video marketing a part of your advertising strategy.

1. It’s cost effective.

Video marketing services can help you make a YouTube worthy video with very little investment of funds. And the great part is that most people aren’t all that concerned with your video looking like a TV commercial. Your low-budget video can still earn thousands of views if it contains something people want to see and share. Plus, it’ll be around a lot longer than that TV commercial you spent thousands of dollars on.

2. It’s measurable.

It’s easy to see how effective your video is simply by watching the number of views. With the advent of social media, you can also see how many times viewers share the video with their friends. If the video flops, you can quickly and inexpensively revamp your strategy with a new one.

3. It promotes viewer engagement.

People are much more likely to sit through a video than to read a lengthy article, especially if you’re making them laugh. Videos are also a great way to let your customers see what you look like, what you sound like, and how friendly you are, giving them a personal connection to interact with rather than just a brand logo.

4. It can improve your bounce rate.

If your website bounce rate is higher than it should be, adding a video or two can be a great way to encourage people to stick around on your site. The longer they stick around, the more likely they are to take that next step.

5. It builds quality backlinks to your website.

Google rankings depend heavily on quality backlinks. And because YouTube videos automatically get indexed, a video marketing services professional can use them to help you quickly boost your rankings, especially if you incorporate keyword rich titles and descriptions.

Building an effective video marketing campaign should be part of every company’s business model. You may be surprised at the amount of new traffic and measurable results your next video will draw in.


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