SEO Link Building Strategies for 2012

linkbuildingBuilding the quality and volume of links to your website plays an important role in climbing to the top of the Google search results. Follow these effective link building strategies to increase the number of links pointing back to your site:

Submit to Article Directories

I hear all the time that article marketing is dead.  One of our sites gets over 5000 unique visitors a year just from the articles that have been posted.  Sending short, (500 – 700 word) relevant articles to article directories can generate traffic and provide you with one way link building back to your site. If you focus on writing quality articles, you may also benefit by having other bloggers publish the article with a link to your site. The problem is that too many people forget about the quality, that’s why they say article marketing is dead.

Press Releases

While press releases themselves don’t always generate links for you, they can make it more likely that a reporter will pick up your story and include a link to your site in a news article. This is an area that most people marketing on the internet miss.  If done properly press releases can be a huge source of potential customers to your website.

Social Networking

Build a network of fans and readers on sites like Facebook and Twitter. This will not only give you the opportunity to post blogs that will be shared and linked by your fans, but also to reach millions of potential readers you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Something else that has happened of the past year is that Google has started using these sites to determine the social value of a site. This has now become a part of Google’s algorithm….Don’t Skip This Part

Reciprocal Linking

A more direct approach to link building strategies, reciprocal linking asks another blogger to link to your site in exchange for you linking to his. This can be a good way to build relationships with others in your field, which can lead to guest posting and more linking later. Though not the most beneficial methods of building links it can still be used effectively in the right setting.

Blog Comments

Another way to build relationships and receive links from fellow bloggers is to begin commenting on their blog posts. Keep your comments relevant and to the point, and never stoop to spamming another person’s blog. This is one of my secret little gems. I belong to many private blog networks that allow me to get “High Quality” backlinks whenever I want.  These type of backlinks carry a lot of weight in the eyes of the search engines.

Register Your Blog

Gain access to hundreds of potential links by registering your blog in popular web directories. This is a free form of advertising as well as a backlink resource…use it.

The key point to remember as you focus on SEO link building is that you want not only a high volume of links, but also links from authoritative domains. You can determine a domain’s authority by looking at its page rank, the number of backlinks it has, and what other sites are linking to it. By honing your link building strategies in 2012, you can set yourself up to compete for those elusive top spots in the Google search results.

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