Common Sense SEO Tips

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“Common Sense SEO Tips”


In a recent interview for USA Today’s “Talking Tech” web video show, Google engineer Matt Cutts gave web developers five critical factors to take into account when shooting for Google SEO. Keeping these common sense SEO tips in mind can help you quickly move your web site to the top of more Google searches.

Think About Keywords People Will Use

Think “backwards” when it comes to including keywords on your site. If you were looking for a business offering your particular service, what would you type in? Come up with some top keyword combinations and make sure the copy on your site uses them frequently.

Use Great Title and Description Tags

Put some real thought into the exact wording of your title and description tags. A searcher often makes decisions about your site based on the summary provided by the title and description in the Google search window. Make sure these tags clearly state your website’s identity and purpose.

Get Other Websites To Link In

The more websites post links to your website, the higher your site will rise in a Google search. There’s no mystery to acquiring links; just provide good, solid, helpful content that lots of other people in your profession would be interested in. The word will spread and your site will soon become connected to many others.

Advertisement Does Not Affect Google Search Placement

Although many assume that the highest-placing websites are those that have bought the spot through direct payments or advertisements with Google, that’s not the case. The criteria for ranking sites is carefully kept separate from the amount of advertising bought from Google.

Use Google Webmasters

Getting your site noticed quickly and thoroughly by Google is easy with their new “Webmasters” section. While Google refreshes its index of sites every month or so, with Webmasters you can manually add the URL and even the URL of each page on your sitemap to get instant results on Google.

These 5 common sense SEO tips are just the beginning, but if you want to succeed you must pay attention to them. Watch the video below to see how important Matt Cutts and Google feel these SEO tips are.

Google's Matt Cutts

Google's Matt Cutts

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