Common Sense SEO Tips

Five Things to Know About Google “Common Sense SEO Tips”   In a recent interview for USA Today’s “Talking Tech” web video show, Google engineer Matt Cutts gave web developers five critical factors to take into account when shooting for Google SEO. Keeping these common sense SEO tips in mind can help you quickly move [...] Read more »

SEO Link Building Strategies for 2012

Building the quality and volume of links to your website plays an important role in climbing to the top of the Google search results. Follow these effective link building strategies to increase the number of links pointing back to your site: Submit to Article Directories I hear all the time that article marketing is dead.  [...] Read more »

Social Networking – Is It For You?

Social networking is often presented as the magic fairy dust that will whisk away all of your marketing problems and hand you a ready-made audience that’s eager to buy. Sorry, it’s not. But social media can offer some great benefits as one aspect of a targeted marketing campaign. As you work out whether online social [...] Read more »